Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Protests at Lahore Campuses

More on the LUMS protest can be found here. Photographs such as this one...

...can be found here. There is a mediocre CNN report on the LUMS protest on the 5th here (at least they didn't mention Bhutto in the report). Its possible that the authorities took a harder line today because that report made it to a major western news outlet. At least they aren't ignoring the protest. Thats success of a sort, right?

Today there were protests at a couple of other university campuses in Lahore. The Lahore Metroblog has some updates on whats happening there. FAST appears to have had a significant protest despite the fact that Musharaf is the Chancellor of the institution!!!

Metroblog Lahore also has links to Imran Khan's video messages.

Update: A good description of the LUMS protest can be found here. According to bloggers in Lahore the standoff at NUS-FAST has also ended peacefully. I get the feeling the cops were trying to frighten the students by demanding that the administration hand over anyone who was carrying a placard. (The administration, kudos to them, stood fast and refused to do so.)

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