Wednesday, 7 November 2007

On Updates...

Teeth Maestro is providing some good minute by minute updates on the anti-emergency protests in Pakistan.

And if you are wondering what it is like to be on the run from the police, check this article out. Why doesn't Farooq Tariq (of the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP)) want to go to jail? Because he has enjoyed the hospitality of the government before.

Kamila Shamsie glumly compares Musharaf's speeches after the 1999 coup with the more recent one.

Imran Khan is also in hiding and sending out messages to the public to "encourage" resistance. As usual, he is aiming most of his invective against the United States. Let us recall that he belongs to the 'everything is the United States' fault and if the U.S. would only leave well enough alone, all would be right with the world' school of thought. Oddly enough all the retired military types who pad out his political party's leadership are all still roaming about free.

As expected, the western media is now beginning to present BB as a fearless saviour of democracy taking on the evil dictator. Its vital that she hold her rally, even if it gets suicide bombed, so that she can claim to the west that she's bringing the people out into the streets in support of democracy!


Finally, perhaps one of the greatest drawbacks about the media ban is that we can no longer experience the fun-filled pleasures of watching Fox News and chortle over their expert analysis, such as this: Hamid Karzai is the leader of Pakistan... no, wait, its Nawaz Sharif!


albags said...

It was entertaining to see the UK reports of BB's homecoming portrayed as "return of the exile". Return of the fugitive is less glamorous and romantic.

Personally I prefer return of the native, our protagonist comes back to her hometown sowing discord and strife.

Kismet Hardy


Misanthrope said...

The fact that she scampered back to Dubai a mere few days later seems to suggest that she is more a native of Dubai than Pakistan...