Wednesday, 7 November 2007

On the Lam!

Farooq Tariq of the communist Labour Party of Pakistan continues to post about life on the run. I couldn't help chortling over this part:
The plainclothes police came to LPP office in Lahore and checked if I was there. They went to the Good Books bookshop and remained there for some time on the pretext of buying books. They tried to ask about the whereabouts of the different comrades, pretending that they were LPP supporters and wanted to joint the party.

The comrade in charge of Good Books is an experienced comrade, and he immediately realised who they were. He cleverly convinced them to buy Tariq Ali’s book Clash of Fundamentalisms, while offering comradely hospitality, tea and a good political talk. Comrades proudly told me the story after they left the office: ``They came to look for you but instead took a book that may change their minds.’‘

I add my own recommendation to that of the comrade in charge of Good Books and endorse Tariq Ali's 'Clash of Fundamentalisms'.


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Ah yes, well spotted! The title of the post shall be changed immediately!