Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fighting Terrorism

The bodies of three executed soldiers who had been abducted several days ago were found lying riddled with bullets by the side of a road in Waziristan, a clear indication that Musharaf's latest peace deal with militants there is bearing fruit.

Meanwhile, the war against terror continued in Karachi where three leftist politicians and a labour union activist have been charged with treason, for "raising anti-government slogans", a crime which under the Emergency laws is punishable by death. This comes on top of other outstanding victories in the war on terror such as the arrest in Lahore of the lady who runs the Working Women Helpline, an advocacy group which helps women fight workplace discrimination and the Programme Manager of the Labour Education Foundation, which lists amongst its aims and objectives "To promote democratic norms and values" and even worse "To fight against the oppression of women". Clearly these terroristic ideologies were threatening the very foundations of Pakistan and extraordinary measures were necessary to remove the threat they represented.

God Bless the General in his wisdom, as well as his loyal aides and advisers for saving Pakistan from these extremists and miscreants. While they were running around free, destabilizing our society, we were all asking "what is going on?" and taunting the General, saying "What has happened to you now? Why can't you decide?" while he only watched in silence and disbelief as the country was taken in a negative direction.

To further strengthen our society and take it in a positive direction, the military government released 28 Taliban prisoners, including three who had been convicted of terrorism offences. One gentleman who had been working to relieve the government of its paralyzed state and help improve morale in the security forces was caught red-handed transporting suicide bomb jackets to suicide bombers. Thankfully he is now free to continue his good work and help bring forth a new age of political reconciliation and full democracy.

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