Friday, 16 November 2007

Hamid Gul Released

A view commonly heard over the last few days has been the assertion that the imposition of the Emergency will finally allow the government to move aggressively not just against the militants in Swat, but also against those supporters of the militancy within Islamabad. The arrest of former ISI chief and outspoken demagogue, Hamid Gul was presented as proof of the government's seriousness in pursuing this course.

I recall replying to one friend who had expressed such sentiments that placing these people under house arrest is no proof of a commitment to take on the extremists and that we have to wait to see whether they are actually prosecuted or simply released again as so often happens. It turns out I called it correctly, as Hamid Gul has been released, reportedly by order of Saudi Arabia.

I am unsurprised.

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