Thursday, 5 July 2007

"...what exactly is this nebulous entity known as the Muslim community?"

An old, but nonetheless truly interesting article by Kamila Shamsie in the Guardian about this odd thing known as the Muslim community. And well written too.



Skeptic said...

This article by Kamila Shamsie was an interesting read. Sometimes people think that Islam is a religion and a religion according to Western secularism is only a personal faith so why are Muslims concerned about far off places like Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir? Thing is that we are not only concerned about the right of self-determination of these people (BTW now people usually don’t talk about self determination while emphasizing democracy and freedoms) but disputes like Palestine and Kashmir provide a rallying point against the hegemonic policies of imperial powers. People can’t tell the big powers directly that they should stop interfering in their domestic affairs especially when their interference is based not on any principles but for their corporate interests, so they become zealous for the liberation of Kashmir, Palestine and Iraq.

cubano said...

Thanks for posting this amusing article. I have been a bit confused about the identity of the 'Muslim Community' for a while as well. :)