Friday, 6 July 2007

Hometown Baghdad Comes to an End

The final episode of Hometown Baghdad was posted up on their site a few weeks ago.

Hometown Baghdad was a project to try and give people an idea about everyday life in Baghdad. The producers recruited three young Baghdadis and gave them cameras, and sort of like in a reality show, filmed them going about their everyday lives. The website says about the project:
The people profiled in 'Hometown Baghdad' are not the usual figures that dominate the media's coverage of the Iraq war: the politicians, the troops, the insurgents or the religious fanatics. They are young, smart ambitious Iraqis struggling with everyday concerns in the middle of a deadly war.

Apparently originally there was going to be a fourth person in the project - a girl. But because she lived in the green zone, there were problems getting permission to film so she dropped out.

Its an incredibly moving series. You really feel like you get to know the three guys very well, and through them, some of their friends and families. I would really recommend it to everyone, not just those who follow the news on Iraq regularly. Each episode is only a few minutes long.

You can watch all the episodes online here or download them.


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