Tuesday, 12 June 2007

New Found Freedom

Oil workers went on strike in Iraq after the government refused to pay promised bonuses again. The Iraqi government displayed its keen understanding of freedom by issuing arrest warrants for union leaders and sending in soldiers to deal with threats to oil production "with an iron fist."

Obviously the Iraqi government has learnt from watching American capitalism at work in Iraq, what with American construction contractors using slave labour to build the American embassy and U.S. army camps in Iraq.

Interestingly enough the American embassy is the size of the vatican and has been described by Tom Engelhardt as "the Imperial Mothership dropping into Baghdad."

Here's a description of the embassy:
"This self-contained compound will include the embassy itself, residences for the ambassador and staff, PX, commissary, cinema, retail and shopping, restaurants, schools, fire station and supporting facilities such as power generation, water purification system, telecommunications, and waste water treatment facilities. In total, the 104 acre compound will include over twenty buildings including one classified secure structure and housing for over 380 families."

What? No slave pens?


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