Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Albania: Most Allied Ally?

Previously I quipped about Albania's staunch support for the war on terror by its participation in the coalition of the willing. Little did I realise that Albania actually does fulfil an extremely important role in the war on terror - it is the dumping grounds for innocent detainees who have been released from Guantanamo. The NYT goes in depth on the case of the Uighars from China who were detained in Afghanistan, spent 4 years in Guantanamo and finally were sent to settle in Albania. Thus the US government is able to rid itself of a thorny problem thanks to the accommodating folks in Albania.

But hang on! There's something rotten underneath this fa├žade of saccharine sugar-coated pro-Americanism. Within Albania lurks a dangerous watch-thief who has targeted the U.S. president. Ye gads! Despite avowals to the contrary, Albania may not be as reliable an ally as we thought!


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