Friday, 25 May 2007

Rumsfeld Just Can't Get No Love...

Just in case anyone has not yet managed to understand how badly post-invasion affairs were handled in Iraq in 2003, a senior retired army officer in Australia who was posted in Iraq has characterised Rumsfeld's handling as verging on "criminal negligence" in an interview.

This article on the gentleman's remarks goes on to say:
Kelly — an expert on the law of occupation and peacemaking operations with experience in Somalia, Bosnia and East Timor — said he offered a plan to stop looting and protect infrastructure soon after former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was toppled.

"We knew exactly what needed to be done," Kelly told the ABC.

"Then Rumsfeld came in and overruled that concept and basically threw it out the window and that was where things really started to go wrong," he said.

The gentleman is now entering politics on a 'bring the troops home' platform. Surprise, surprise.


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