Monday, 21 May 2007

Happiness in Iraq

I came across this blog by an Iraqi named Nabil. Its sad and disturbing and depressing and sometimes... funny.

For example there is this post:

Here's a funny story - its funny for me although it may sound horrible for you.

I was in my room, playing guitar as usual and was recording the song "Peace Train" for Cat Stevens, and after about 30 seconds on starting the song, when reaching the first line in the song, which was "Now I've been happy lately," a random bullet entered my room, crashed the window and broke all the glass and a heavy shooting then took place in the street.

I was like planted in my place and completely shocked because of the heavy shooting. I stopped the recording and went away from the windows to avoid getting in the cross-fire of the random bullets, and when the shooting was over, I went back to my room and checked what I recorded and here was the funny thing, that right after I said, "I've been happy lately," the bullet came in to my room.

It's like no one should be happy in this country, because if you say that you're happy, a bullet will come and smash your head right away.

maybe this country is cursed, because it's a really funny incident.

He then adds a link to the recording that he has uploaded. There's also a link to an uninterrupted version of Peace Train.


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