Saturday, 3 February 2007

We Have Proof! Just... Not Real Proof!

After all that chest-thumping by the Bush administration, a much-ballyhooed briefing that was going to reveal the evidence of Iran's role in attacks on U.S. troops is delayed... again. Apparently it was lacking "focus on the facts."

While Iranian involvement in Iraq can't be doubted, in most cases they are backing the same parties that the U.S.A is. So why the sabre-rattling? Well, apart from the fact that the neo-con agenda always included an attack on Iran ("the road to Tehran is through Baghdad" as one neo-con said), it also helps to ease pressure on both the administration and the military for their inability to bring things under control in Iraq. Why are things such a mess? It's Iran's fault!

With American credibility so low on the world stage after the hysteria over phantom WMDs, another war based on false allegations just isn't a good idea. Even some senators have voiced scepticism about the allegations and have urged caution. Might not be a bad idea.


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