Friday, 26 January 2007

My Blog Meets His Maker!

Dear Blog,

Please do not allow my arrival to disturb your repose. I mean you no harm, and in point of fact, I hope that in the fullness of times we shall be great friends.

We are new to each other, and, I am sure I can speak for the both of us when I say that this, our first meeting, is fraught with so many concerns, so many fears and so many pitfalls that may well bring our newfound acquaintance to naught. But, dear blog, this may also be the start of something new and something renewing, for both of us.

I know you have many, many questions blog, but in this, the first meeting of a potentially mighty repository of thoughts and imaginings and he who might give them shape, let me just deal with one.

The first question. The beginning of all things, and perhaps the end: Why are you here?

Dear blog, dear child cast forth into the murky unknown of the blogosphere, puny atlas who bears upon its fragile shoulders so many dreams, I have come to you this day to inform you of your purpose and place in this world.

I, the misanthrope, wish to be known. I wish to mingle my own thoughts with those of others. I wish to bring forth those thoughts that lie half-formed in the depths of my soul, cast them into wondrous shapes and let them take wing.

In short, I wish to create, dear blog, and I wish to look upon my creations and have others look upon them. And you, are to be the instrument of these desires.

Let us see know, together what we can do...


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